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Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor-Air Pump for Car-18000mAh Electric Air Compressor-Portable Air Pump Cordless-150 PSI Tire Pump with Touch Screen/Gauge/Light for Motorcycle, Bike, Ball (Black)

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€80,99 EUR cada
Pagamento seguro, dinheiro na entrega
Materiais ecológicos, autorização de qualidade
Retorno gratuito, 5-10 dias de retorno gratuito
Brand Prilotte
Voltage 16 Volts
Power Source Battery Powered
Noise Level 50 dB

  • Portable Air Compressor: Newly upgraded touch screen air pump, with 18000mAh super power battery. It can work continuously for close to 1 hour, about 3-5 hours to be fully charged. Cordless, no need to connect charging cable/cigarette lighter when working.
  • Air Compressor:25000+RPM high efficiency power motor, providing airflow 36L/Min. Inflate a small car tire [25-36PSI] in about 1 minute. Portable tire inflator suitable for SUV and other small and medium-sized cars, motorcycle and bicycle, ball.
  • Air Compressor for Tires : 4 preset modes for bicycle, motorcycle, car and ball, auto shut-off when the preset value is reached, easy to use. You can also set your own pressure value up to 150PSI to meet the inflation needs of more inflatables. One button to easily switch between PSI, kPa, BAR, KG/CM² pressure units.
  • Tire inflator: Large LCD touch screen with pressure guage function. Dual values for easy read pressure preset value and real-time pressure value, measurement accuracy ±1.5PSI for safer inflation. 3 kinds of lights, LED, SOS, flashing lights, for the dark night of inflation, travel to add a force.
  • Tire inflator portable air compressor: Mini portable air pump, exquisitepackaged in a gift box with a storage bag for easy storage. USB-C input port and USB-A output port, can be reversed to power, making it an power bank for cell phones and other electronic devices. It is the perfect gift for women and men..

portable air compressor
portable air compressor

What should I pay attention to before using Prilotte air compressor?

Before inflating, you need to pay attention to the air tube and the tire inflator, the valve and the air tube must be tied tightly, 0therwise, it may cause inflate slowly, value errors and other more safety hazards.

How big a car can the portable air compressor inflate?

Portable air pump are emergency equipment, usually used to small or SUV mid cars. For large cars (e.g.: pickup trucks,vans, and RVs.), the inflating speed is relatively slow and the battery consumption is fast. This is normal.

Does the full touch screen air pump need to stick the screen protector by itself?

A screen protector is attached to the product when it leaves the factory. When you receive the product, you will find that there is a layer of screen protector on it, if it is not necessary, please do not tear off the protector.

Is the overheating of the air pump serious?

This air pump comes with a piece of orange heat insulation rubber, which makes it easier for me to remove the air hose when the heat is caused by high speed inflation. and the full touch screen and product material, effectively blocking the heat.